Best Barbecue in Miami?

Who has the best BBQ in Miami?  Well, we’d like to think that we do!  We are very biased of course.  Over the  past few years, we have worked really hard trying to perfect our recipes, use new cooking methods, and experiment with new ingredients and menu items.  

The restaurant business is an extremely difficult industry.   I believe that the barbecue business is even harder.  Cooking the meats properly is a science.  It takes time to cook everything perfectly.  With that in mind, it is hard to find much time to actually experiment with different things.  However, during the little downtime we get, we try to get creative and come up with new ideas.

Recently, we have been recognized for serving up great barbecue in Miami, Homestead, and Florida as a whole.  Check out some of our recognitions an mentions here:

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