Miami BBQ - Shiver's BBQ

Miami BBQ – Southern Living

I found a pretty cool write-up today in the “Southern Living” blog (The Daily South) about Miami BBQ.  The author, Robert Moss, lists  
Shiver’s BBQ, Shorty’s, and the Pit.  Moss writes:

Head southward on US 1 from Miami for about 30 miles and you’ll find, amid endless palm groves and plant nurseries, Shiver’s BBQ in Homestead, which has been serving chicken, ribs, and more since 1950. It’s a big lodge-like place with open rafters and long wooden community picnic tables, and the scent of hickory smoke is strong the minute you step through the front door. Shiver’s meaty ribs have great texture and flavor to match, smoky with plenty of little charred bits around the edges, and the chicken is top notch, too. The house sauce, a vinegary, pepper-laden concoction, has notes of spice and citrus reminiscent of mojo criollo, and a big bottle of sweet yellow mustard sauce awaits on the table, too.

Check it out here.